My time in Venice, a world of canals

Venice hardly needs an introduction. A remarkable city, full of romance, European hospitality and of course, gondolas! On our first day, we arrived into Venice by train in the late morning, and the first thing we do is book a ticket for Sailing in front of Venice Santa Lucia station.

Access all areas

At 50 Euro per head, the Venice card gives you access to public transport, the city toilets, and municipal museums. Our hotel search also begins near the station, in a long, narrow, alley there is the Abbey Hotel; small but nice and clean, with young, helpful staff. They made our room and took care of our bags while we started our tour of the Venetian.

I had never seen Venice before and was excited about the vacation ahead. Three days in a city full of romantic possibilities. Our lodging was close to the barefoot bridge, and from there our journey began. When we arrived, we walked through the narrow streets and canals to the Rialto Bridge, a very well renowned beginning indeed.

Rialto is a very pretty part of Venice chic; with restaurants, gondolas, and the canal, filled by people. There are so many shops on the bridge and tourists from all over the globe; I was so excited I took what seemed like thousands of pictures. The view from the deck is beautiful, as the gondolas in the canal area great thrill to capture.

Romanticism can be found around every corner

You can help but get wrapped up in the romanticism of the streets, with colored lights switched on, even during the day, and the atmosphere is warm, despite the cloudy sky above. Undeterred by the weather, we continue our journey. Before arriving in Piazza San Marco we stopped in remote corners of the city where time has stopped, where small canals are filled with water flowing over and around us, creating a giant water city; the lagoon that is Venice, a unique proposition in the world.

Old buildings are immersed in canals and bridges, surrounded by courtyards, churches, and gardens. At lunch time, it seems that our chosen restaurant with summer terrace is run by men the two lunch time we eat in a small restaurant with summer terrace, the place is run by men and foreigners to boot – every single one of them. We ate the menu of the day we feed, before getting back on the road an hour later to continue on to the city’s most famous square, Piazza San Marco.

When we came out, the streets were ecstatic, full of energy, and I am speechless. This city is indeed, grand and beautiful. Churches and clock towers, and a grand canal which offers a beautiful view towards the islands across the square. The public transport system is serviced by fast ferries that run every 5 minutes and stop at numerous landings along major canals. They pretty much go everywhere; like a mini metro line, but in the water.

Well admired views abound

Meanwhile, with a bit fun in the sun between pictures and sighs, we visit the Ducal Palace, an interesting and captivating attraction. The walk along the canal continues to the famous bridge with well-admired views. The visit to the Palazzo Ducale also leads us onto the bridge and its towers. Released by the visit, we end up queued to visit the clock tower with a distinct elevator that leads to the top, from where there is a breathtaking view of Venice.

We leave and continue our journey in the crowded streets of Piazza San Marco, navigating the stalls of masks, T-shirt vendors, and other various nik-naks that in one way or another bring traders to Venice. I admired the city and its sights, the famous Lion of Venice, and watching people going by in gondolas. In the late afternoon, we returned to the hotel for a shower and by that time we were almost ready for dinner. Walking through hotel, we found a pizzeria and got sold by the waiter who wanted us to come inside.

Dinner regular was a regular occurrence; leaving the restaurant at about eleven pm, with adventures for the next day awaiting us. We fell asleep in no time at all, exhausted by the day. Our alarm clock went off at seven and a royal breakfast awaited us.

We started our day by visiting in the Grand Canals, which allowed me to make beautiful pictures; each image containing a light drizzle of rain, in the area of town famous for the production of glass ornaments. The island is large enough for a half day visit, and it immediately catapulted into the world of Murano glass masters. We witnessed the creation of blown glass decorative balls and a horse made; how amazing!

Exit through the gift shop

In the exit, there is a small glass gift items shop, so of course, we had to dwell for a while to buy a few things. The island itself is very pretty, and we stopped for a coffee to take pictures in a beautiful green park which led to the Grand Canal. Walking back towards the center we passed the naval museum and decided to stop at a bar on the promenade to grab a bite to eat on the terrace.

Upon arrival in Burano, we found the houses to be quite fascinating. They are small and colorful; for me, it was impossible not to photograph them. The Lace Museum in Burano was already closed by the time we got there, however, we did see a lady in a shop still sewing lace, despite the gloomy weather outside. Exhausted, we tried to be courageous and walk back to the hotel, but we get lost in the streets; they all looked the same I’m afraid!

Before too long the dark was upon us, and we still had not found our way. At a quarter past nine, we decided to eat in a chic restaurant near the bridge of the barefoot and the place is very nice. The Povoledo offered us the menu of they day, and well, what else did we expect; no surprises, the bill was huge!

Our final day

On our third and final day, we started in the city museum. I thought it was incredibly interesting, and at the exit, I stopped to admire the reflection of the sun on the canal. So many people walk the promenade, many Japanese and Germans tourists. I think they also come to view the treasures of the basilica, and with that, we are not so different.

At two o’clock we embarked on a gondola found just a short walk away from Piazza San Marco. The nice gondolier led us around the internal channels of the city of Venice, taking us on an interesting and romantic ride.

When we passed under bridges, we were admired by people; our gondola was certainly beautiful, and we could not resist taking another one thousand photos. Before we went to pick up our luggage from the hotel we opted for one last little trip; the island of St. George. Equipped with a church, the sun was now warming the stones of the courtyard.

We arrived back at the hotel just in time to pick up and pay. The train for our return was 17:49 and our train was ready and waiting for us to depart. We leave our time in Venice with a bunch of memories, smiles, and fatigue; and thousands of photographs!

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